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Starting a blog, from a startup November 22, 2014

It’s difficult to write when immersed in a small business, especially when that business is a side venture. Time and energy are limited, and the overhead of setting things up seems far from the important task of finding clients, designing new products, and making the business work. But not writing is worse, as the experience is critical for finding perspective and connecting with others in your community.

I’ve been consulting for a long time now. Even with a full time job, consulting is vital for rounding out your experience, and for getting connected with other teams. It adds a perspective and experience that a single employer cannot provide, and one that they benefit from. Not all employers see this, but mine does, and I bring back anecdotes and new techniques to our team and products regularly.

At a certain point the business becomes a thing on its own. It’s more than consulting, it has a personality. We build beautiful things on the web, mostly for passionate not-for-profit groups and excited small businesses. We’re finding, though, that we want to do more, so we’re working on products now too. This is exciting. Even writing about it is exciting.

I think that finding a business’s personality is important. It is a guide to the viability of the venture, and a map for what projects and people are good for it.